Thursday, January 1, 2015

A smell you can't forget: Blue Jasmine

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An adaptation of Tennesse Williams’ Street Car Named Desire comes unsurprisingly from none other than Woody Allen.

Jasmine French or Jeanette “whatever she calls herself” (in words of Oggy, Jasmine’s sister’s ex-husband) is symbolic of the many questions the world often finds itself asking. Is marriage meant to be a social climb as well, as way to ensure security for a woman? Especially if this woman falls oh-so-madly in love that she drops out of college, not like she knew what she wanted to become anyway. Being a wife made sense. Drawn from William’s play, the story of a Southern conservative belle who lands up in a working class side of town, comes a story on social class and finding one’s place in the world. However the film covers more than just that.

The choice of theme is extremely relevant to both modern woman and man, who must take notice. It not only addresses the silent strains in relationships, but also speaks of stereotyping, prejudice, class divisions, self-discovery to a small extent and mostly the life of a woman. It re-phrases and poses question a modern woman frequently finds herself asking: what do I want from life? Can I be more than just somebody’s beautiful wife?

Allen takes each character to the next level by giving each of them depth and individual charm. All his characters are not only stereotyped by also fairly progressive and what one would call mature. You have Chili, a very masculine member of the working class. He has his priorities in place and is waiting to move in with Ginger. Meet Ginger, Jasmine’s sister who lives at the not so well of end of the world. She works at the Super Market is raising her two sons by herself; a brave and kind hearted woman who takes Jasmine into her home when she becomes a wreck. Finally Jasmine the star of the show, is broke and having a nervous breakdown. She obviously disapproves of her sister’s choices. Each character not only gains depth because of their acting but also because of the chemistry between the actors. They point out features which sometimes are not reliable straight from the horse’s mouth.
The filmography is like a novel, unfolding fragments of the story one chapter at a time. It answers every question that comes to mind, one back story at a time. The camera does not glamorize anything. It just films; the setting and the characters speak for themselves.  Simple filming, which treats the audience like critics. The film offers its viewers the gift of hindsight as it takes you through so many feelings and situations not foreign to us.

On a final note commendable dialogues and lastly the director leaves the protagonist’s fate to the imagination of the viewers. It gives you all you need to know about the story and then gives you reign to give it an ending. To make the story your own, pick the battle most relevant to you rather than give it a cliché happy ending.

A few parting words: 

Picture A

Picture B

Contrary to what you imagine, she actually goes from Picture A to Picture B during the course of the film


What are you waiting for? You already missed it in the theaters, so get your hands on the movie already!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Art for Art's Sake: PK


*spoiler alert* 

So I never EVER thrash books, movies, music and other forms of art for one simple reason- its art for art’s sake, which means it has been created out of a desire to express a view or feeling; as a result making it a subjective topic to judge.

This PK was a completely different story.

To begin with the plot stitched together completely random story ideas that ranged from romance to sci-fi to religion to corruption (I swear!), and used terrible humor, totally unnecessary innuendos to glue it all together.

A mysterious trailer, which if you look no-so-closely reveals the non existence of a real plot combined with a pretty stellar cast of Aamir Khan, Boman Irani and Anushka Sharma. So what went wrong?

A few minutes into the movie I wanted to sink into my seat or run out because I was cringing with every horrible attempt at humour made or every time they let the camera collect way to many details in order to dramatise the plot. The plot traces the journey of a very naive alien, so naive that he loses his only way home and takes the long way around to finally recovering his property and going back to his planet of nude people and too-cool-for-yoga relaxation techniques. Yes, that is what I paid to watch for 3 hours.

Let’s talk theme: so I imagined that if Aamir Khan was in it, it must have something to it. I was wrong. It was basically the Bhakti movement from 6th C all over again, with a new leader spearheading the movement 1500 years later. Let us reform religion so we can reach out to the larger disbelieving numbers! This was followed by some not so subtle mockery of headline hungry, very desperate and shabbily dressed TV journalists. OH, the horror! The big finale- a love story which was trolled from the start! It took an alien to point that out. 

In conclusion PK was like one of those propaganda cartoons/storylines aimed at brainwashing the public about uniting the masses and standing up against corruption. 

A few parting words:

Look you are a great actor and your social activism is effective and all but just stick to Satyamev Jayte okay, don’t mix it with Bollywood: it is counterproductive! 

And Anushka that haircut is a terrible idea; it brings ALL the attention to your very Miley Cyrus meets Kesha lips. 


Forget the stars just plain advice for you: unless you live in Chennai or have amazingly fast internet, save your money and don’t watch PK.

Meanwhile in other more important news, Rajasthan is a great location to film in and Lido has some very yummy Cheese Popcorn and (according to my brother) decent coffee. 

Sunday, August 3, 2014

French Roast anyone?

Hi there,

Long long time. I kind of started up branch blogs on separate topics (okay just two- one on travel and the other on Study Tips) and then forgot all about this one. I even almost contemplated deleting some and putting it all in one place. But all that work just tire me out mentally. Plan cancel. 

Decided nobody is going anywhere. Everybody stays! Yay!

Hmmm... I was all pumped to write a blog post after what feels like eternity. But all of a sudden, thoughts and potential content appear to have runaway, along with my attention span and other important parts of my intangible brain. Excuse me while I go find them. Until should watch this really sweet sort of silent short film called French Roast